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Friday, January 14, 2011

CES 2011: Dell Streak 7 Hands-On

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Dell Streak" @ 08:00 AM

There was practically a rugby scrum immediately following the Dell press conference in the side are where the products were available for hands-on, so this is me filming someone else playing with the device. Looks pretty slick, and the performance looks great - very smooth and fluid. I've been waiting for more seven-inch slates to hit the market before making a buying decision; the Dell Streak 7 is definitely on my short list.

Sprint Chops the Price of the Galaxy Tab

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 06:00 AM

"Word of a price drop at Best Buy for the Sprint Galaxy Tab leaked out via some images last week, but Sprint has beaten Best Buy to the punch and now list their Galaxy Tab for $299 on contact and $499 without contract."

Let the price drops begin! With all the new Android tablets announced at CES I was expecting prices on the Galaxy Tab to drop but this is a really big drop happening sooner than I expected. With a $200 price drop, a great size (at least for me), reasonable resolution for the size at 1024x600, and a Hummingbird CPU that probably has the best mobile GPU other than the Tegra 2 that's a great deal in my book! It may not be upgradable to Honeycomb but at least it does have Froyo now. While I wouldn't want an oversize iPhone and over-sized Android device could be very useful thanks to good multitasking, good notifications, and widgets. Is $200 enough of a price drop for you to buy one?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

CES 2011: Kno Tablet, Interview with Babur Habib, Co-Founder and CTO

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Other Slates & Tablets" @ 10:15 PM

We've talked about the Kno here before, and it's now a shipping product - I was excited to see it in person. I was surprised at the size and weight, although when you consider the size of the screens, the weight is quite reasonable. And when you consider the weight of an average college/university book bag, it's practically lightweight. Check out the video for more details - I thought it was really interesting that the cost of the Kno is made up for within two years by cost savings on the digital copies of the books. I have a sister that's going to school for a second degree - I wonder how this would work for someone like her? More information is available at

CES 2011: Dell's Press Conference Announcing the Dell Streak 7, Venue Phone, and Other New Hardware

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Digital Home Events" @ 04:00 PM

For full-screen viewing, click click on the video above and watch it on YouTube.

This is a video shot in Las Vegas at CES 2011, the Consumer Electronics Show. This is the first time the Dell Streak 7 has been officially unveiled, along with the Dell Venue, and the un-named 10 inch tablet. Other announced hardware includes a 3D version of the XPS 17 laptop, a new Alienware Aurora desktop PC, a new XPS 8300 desktop PC, and a few other odds and ends. The press conference was almost an hour long, so I tried to include only the interesting parts. Enjoy!

CES 2011: Dell Teases 10 Inch Tablet

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Dell Streak" @ 03:30 PM

Click over to the YouTube version for a full screen option.

I have a longer video of the Dell CES 2011 press conference coming up, but I wanted to put this short video out first: Dell has become known for showing an early prototype device for a few seconds at each of their CES press event, and true to form, they showed off a 10 inch tablet - it looked similar in design to the current generation of Dell Streak, but the focus seemed to be on business/enterprise use, so it might not ship under that brand. Nice to see Dell is fleshing out the tablet line-up though!

CES 2011: The Motorola Xoom Tablet

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Other Slates & Tablets" @ 03:00 PM

CES 2011 is the first event that Motorola is officially showing off their Xoom tablet at, and it looks like an impressive device. I wasn't able to get more than a few seconds of hands-on time with it, but the fit and finish was solid - I think this is going to be a real competitor to the iPad. The specs include:

  • Android 3.0 Honeycomb
  • 10.1 inch display
  • Dual Core 1 Ghz CPU NVIDIA Tegra 2
  • 1GB RAM
  • 32 GB inbuilt memory with microSD Card slot
  • 10 hr video playback battery life
  • 5 MP Rear camera with Flash and 720p HD video capture
  • 2MP video calling camera
  • Wifi(n) Bluetooth 2.1, 3G , 4G

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CES 2011: The Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Demo

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Other Laptops & Netbooks" @ 03:30 PM

This is a very brief demo of the Lenovo IdeaPad U1, an interesting tablet/laptop hybrid computer. The screen detaches and you have an Android 2.2-based tablet computer, and when you dock it with the main chassis, you have a full-fleged Windows 7 computer. I think it's great to see companies pushing the envelope of what's possible with computer designs like this - we need more of that in an industry where, all too often, companies are afraid to experiment in case they fail. My hat is off to Lenovo for stepping out with this design.

Engadget has further details on the product that, while originally was announces at CES 2010, seemed to become more official at CES 2011.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here come the E FUN Nextbooks: Next4, Next5, Next6

Posted by Michael Knutson in "Other Slates & Tablets" @ 06:30 PM

"E FUN, a consumer electronics designer and marketer of fun, easy-to-use lifestyle products, has integrated its patented APEN Digital pen with the new Nextbook Next5 Android tablet for a truly versatile communications duo!"

"E FUN, a consumer electronics designer and marketer of fun, easy-to-use lifestyle products, is pleased to announce the addition of two capacitive touch-screen models to its Nextbook Android tablets--the Next4 - 10.1" and Next6 - 7."

The NEXT5 tablet sports a 7-inch (non-capacitive?) screen, Wi-fi, Android 2.1, 2GB of memory, SD/SDHC card slot, an MP3 player, built-in speakers, photo viewer, and 25 pre-loaded e-books, as well a Borders' store app on-board. Availability is listed as April, 2011, with an MSRP of $279.99.

Also announced in a separate press release, two new capacitive screen models, the NEXT4 with a 10.1-inch screen and Android 2.2, and the NEXT6 with a 7-inch screen and Android 2.1. Specs mentioned for these two are similar to the NEXT5, with the intriguing addition of G-Sensor technology. Availability for both is listed simply as Q2 2011, and prices (MSRP) are $349.99 for the 10-inch NEXT4, and $269.99 for the NEXT6.

Interesting that the NEXT5 and the NEXT6 appear similar in configuration, with the NEXT5 offering the APEN digital pen for $10 more, but the NEXT6 offers G-Sensor technology. Also, the NEXT5 makes no mention of screen type, but the NEXT4 and NEXT6 press release explicitly mentions capacitive screens. It's a bit disappointing to read that Android 2.1 and 2.2 are the OSes of choice for these upcoming models.

Friday, January 7, 2011

LG is Getting Serious About Android

Posted by Craig Horlacher in "Android News" @ 03:00 PM

"At 9.2mm thick, the Optimus Black from LG is the new world's thinnest phone, and is pretty light too, at 109g. It's also got a 4-inch NOVA screen for viewing in direct sunlight, too, and a 2MP forward-facing camera."

Up until now I haven't seen any high end or otherwise very exciting Android phones from LG. It looks like they've stepped up to the plate with this thin phone that will be upgradable to Honeycomb. Besides being very bright the NOVA display is to have low power consumption, true blacks, and pure whites. I'm not sure if this is a new form of OLED but I'm guessing it may be since I don't think it's possible for LCD to do true black. T-Mobile has also announced a very nice looking Android tablet from LG called the G-Slate. It will be the first Honeycomb powered 4G tablet on T-Mobile. I love all the Android competition and innovation going on! One thing's for sure, choosing my next Android device will not be easy! Any thoughts on devices you've seen? How about a favorite phone or tablet?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kindle: Coming Soon To A Tablet Near You

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android Software" @ 06:00 PM

"New tablet computers coming in 2011 will have access to Amazon's free "Buy Once, Read Everywhere" apps that let readers choose from over 775,000 Kindle books and read them across the most popular devices and platforms"

According to Amazon, 2011 will be the season of the tablet or at least it seems that way. Amazon recently announced that they will release tablet specific versions of their Kindle software for Android and Windows powered tablets. Not that the current app doesn't work fine on most Android tablets but the phone interface can feel a bit big on some of the larger screens out there. It will be nice to see official higher resolution support with all of these tasty Android tablets we expect to see come our way this year!

Tags: amazon, tablet, kindle

Monday, January 3, 2011

Affordable Android Phone And Tablet Due This Summer Via Vizio Via

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android News" @ 09:00 AM

"Vizio Inc., which put inexpensive flat-panel TVs in living rooms, now is setting its sights on cellphones and tablet computers."

You remember Vizio? You know, those guys who make the really cheap yet not totally worthless HDTVs? Well, looks like we may soon get a really cheap and hopefully not totally worthless Android phone and tablet. The 4-inch Via phone and 8-inch Via tablet are set to come our way this summer running an yet to be announced version of Android. I must say that I am some what excited about this news. I really would like a cheap Android tablet to play with but don't want a complete piece of junk like the current "bargain" tablets on the market. If Vizio can do with Android what they have done with HDTVs we could be in for a real treat. It won't be the best device on the market for sure but perhaps it will be worth using. Even the phone has me a little excited with the chance that it will not be sold or branded by a carrier. I'm all about unlocked and uncrapwared phones. Bring it on Vizio! Let's see what you've got.

Tags: phone, tablet, via, vizio

Monday, December 27, 2010

How Many Leaks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Dell Android Tablet?

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android Slates/Tablets & Accessories" @ 12:00 PM

"Dell's still calling this a Mobile Internet Device, but you can call it by any of its codenames: Looking Glass, M02M, iPad eviscerator, they're all in here."

After a fairly constant trickle of news I'd say its a pretty good bet that we might hear something at CES about those Dell 7 and/or 10 inch tablets we heard about so very long ago. The first leak was strait from the Wi-Fi Alliance certifying a new Dell "Mobile Internet Device". This news was quickly followed up by the leak of the TV ad treatment. If all of that wasn't enough for you now we have the device taking a walk though the FCC.

This is shaping up to be one of the nicer Android tablets out there. I want an Android tablet but am really not sure how much I would use it. I have a netbook sitting here collecting dust already. I've been tempted by the sub $200 Android tablets but the reviews of those have appealed to my better judgement and I've held off. I guess my question is, do I need a bigger version of my phone? Do you?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review: Best of the Android Bunch

Posted by Michael Knutson in "Other Slates & Tablets" @ 12:30 AM

"The Galaxy Tab is the most refined Android tablet we've tested, in large part thanks to its "Super TFT" screen. At 1024x600, this 7-inch display exceeds Android 2.2's maximum screen resolution of 854x480. While Android apps built to that standard spec will be "upscaled" on the Tab's screen, we didn't notice any ugly pixel interpolation during testing."

Still the best of the Android bunch, the Galaxy Tab does a great job taking Android where it wasn't really meant to go - yet. The inevitable comparisons to the iPad go on and on, with this generation of Android tablets still coming up second best. I'd love to get a Galaxy Tab, but, at about $600 off-contract, I'll have to wait until the new year. Do any of you readers think that a non-Apple competitor to the iPad will appear in 2011?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Totally Tabular: The Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab Reviewed!

Posted by Jon Westfall in "Android Slates/Tablets & Accessories" @ 07:00 AM

Product Category: Android Tablet
Manufacturer: Samsung
Where to Buy: Sprint
Price: $399 (w/ 2 yr. agreement; $29.95/mo data plan)
Specifications: 7 inch 1024x600 Touchscreen, Android 2.2, Dual Cameras (1.3 MP Front, 3.0 MP Rear), Mobile hotspot, 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, 2 GB Onboard Memory, 16 GB SD Card Included, 4,000 mA battery, 1.0 Ghz AP S5PC110 Processor, Bluetooth 2.1


  • Comfortable in one hand or two, portrait or landscape;
  • Samsung's customizations of Android 2.2 are useful and beautiful;
  • Excellent battery life.


  • Proprietary connector - no micro-USB and no charging over USB;
  • Low resolution cameras;
  • Smaller size, higher price.

Summary: In a world where seemingly everyone wants to release an Android based tablet, Samsung has put forth the Galaxy Tab, a device that sports two cameras to the iPad's none, shaves off a few inches, and is popping up on networks all over the place. Recently I was able to spend a few weeks with Sprint's version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab... so was it Tabtacular or does it leave your slatesmitten soul sad? Read on and find out! Read more...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sneak Peek At Viewsonic's G Tablet and Tegra 2

Posted by Karey Westfall in "Android Slates/Tablets & Accessories" @ 03:00 PM

"The slate computing market is about to explode, with a literal flood of new tablets releasing over the coming months. Many of them will be Android based, running Nvidia's Tegra 2 SoC."

Here's a preview of Viewsonic's new G Tablet and the performance of Tegra 2. The tablet boasts a 10 inch WSVGA screen, Tegra 2 SoC and Android 2.2. Also included along with the preview is a comparison with the Galaxy Tab. Take a look and let us know which one you would be more interested in!

Notion Ink To Offer Pre-orders For Their Adam Tablet

Posted by Karey Westfall in "Android Slates/Tablets & Accessories" @ 08:00 AM

"The most awaited day has finally arrived! It took some time, but now when as we look back, it seems more than worth it. This is a rather detailed post and I will try to answer most of your questions. And there is a LOT to share."

Notion Ink is taking pre-orders for their new tablet, the Adam, starting on December 10th with general pre-ordering opening at 6 AM IST. Looks as if prices are starting at $375 and it's operating system is very close to honeycomb. Their specs website says that it is running honeycomb, but it may actually be closer to gingerbread. If anyone finds out, let us know!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Maylong M-150 Universe TabletPC: Worst Gadget Ever Created?

Posted by Jason Lee in "Android Slates/Tablets & Accessories" @ 08:00 PM

"It really says something when some of your customers ask the Internet whether they got the right thing when they received your product, or whether it got switched out with some joke Chinese knockoff that's not really supposed to work."

Wow. I'm not sure what else to say. Just wow... Has there ever been a more worthless piece of electronic equipment piled together in a cheap plastic case? The review is a must read. I was truly amazed at how bad this device actually is. I didn't think it was possible to make something this bad. Anyone out there in need of a nice new Android tablet that gets a whopping 2-3 hours stand-by on the battery? Yes, that is 2-3 hours per charge with the device turned OFF. It will last you almost an hour if you turn it on. Seriously, wow...

Acer Slates Coming in Windows and Android Flavours

Posted by Hooch Tan in "Laptop Thoughts News" @ 02:00 PM

"It looks like the tablet gold rush has another big prospector coming into town. At its global press event today in New York, Acer announced that it is launching three new consumer slates in 2011. Two of the slates, a 7-inch and a 10-inch will have the next version Android and arrive in April 2011, but are dependent on the release of Google’s next major update to its OS. Another 10-incher will have Windows 7 and arrive in February 2011."

With all these companies releasing tablets, you would think that they are a hot commodity. Truthfully, I am surprised that a lot of these announcements are coming out now and for release dates marked for next year. The holiday season is right upon us, and missing out on this critical time means that come February, a lot of people will already be brandishing their 10" silvery black toys and not be interested in whatever anyone else is offering, no matter how good, powerful or slick it might be. The Android versions will face even longer delays, most likely owing to the extra resolution these tablets offer.

Acer's 4.8-inch "Nameless" Smartphone (Tablet)

Posted by Michael Knutson in "Android News" @ 12:00 AM

"Acer may be calling this "100 percent smartphone. 100 percent tablet," but something just doesn't add up there. That being said, we have to agree that a 1024x480 screen resolution on a 4.8-inch smartphone is downright drool-worthy. Clocking in at just a smidgen smaller than Dell's Streak, this here phone (no finalized name has been bestowed quite yet) was just revealed at Acer's Global press event in New York City."

Slightly smaller than the Dell Streak, Acer's newest curved-back Android offering sports a full metal body, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 2mp front-facing camera, 8mp rear camera with LED flash, 720p video recording, and an odd 21:9 aspect ratio. No information on phone capabilities, and no pricing information, but availability is listed at April 2011 - everywhere. Interested?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Price Comparison Chart For the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Posted by Karey Westfall in "Android Slates/Tablets & Accessories" @ 03:30 PM,281...,2372723,00.asp

"The Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet will soon be available on five major carriers in the U.S., and while the various models aren't the same, they're similar enough to give similar experiences. They're all priced differently, so if you're interested in an Android tablet, take a look at our chart."

Hopefully, this price comparison chart will help you decide where to buy your Samsung Galaxy Tab. The chart shows pricing for the Tab with a two year agreement or no contract, as well as the cost of data over two years. Depending on how much data you will use with the device, you may profit more by going with a different carrier than you normally use.

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